Many have heard of Huckleberry pie, cakes or fritters! Those are some of the yummy food items that make everybody so fond of Huckleberry – one of the most popular berries.

The name of this particular berry as a huckleberry is popular in North America, believed to be its native place, while similar species are known as bilberries as in Europe.

Huckleberry or Vaccinum ovatum is a slow-growing evergreen shrub, which gives us lovely blackish red or blue berries in late summer. The plant can attain a height of 15 ft. However, the length can be controlled with proper pruning and exposure to the sun. Fruits are oval or round in shape, with thick skin and ten large hard seeds inside the flesh.



Humans as well as wild life enjoy these delicious extremely juicy berries. It is known that black bears are so fond of huckleberries, that they don’t mind walking long distances to eat this fruit.

Three categories of huckleberries are of most interest:

  • Black Huckleberry –grows along the Atlantic coast to Wisconsin to south Louisiana.
  • Box Huckleberry – is the most famous of the three types.
  • Dwarf Huckleberry – low plants whose fruits are used commonly in pies.

Huckleberries are eaten fresh, usually with oil. You can also taste a dried huckleberry that gives a different taste to this fruit. They can be partly mashed and pressed into cake preparations and also used to make jam.